Solar IR Thread

Thread for posting IR photos of your solar system.

Our solar array:


Sunny Island and control box. At the time these photos were taken, the system was under full winter sun and putting out 3.8 KW of power.


Inside the control box. Lots of heat being generated inside here.


When in full sunlight, the back of the panels measures a nice and toasty 20 degrees above ambient temperature (-0.5 degrees C).


A view of the rest of the array. No significant hotspots are visible.

Note that taking IR photos of the the front of solar panels is not very reliable, since you tend to measure the IR reflection of the sky. See Thermal imaging cameras: a fast and reliable tool for testing solar panels page by FLIR for more details.

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House: 2x SMA SI 6048 w 24x 2V DEKA Unigy II; 2x SMA SB 3000TL-US w 24x Sharp ND-H235Q2
Cabin: 1x Magnum MS4024 w 24x 2V DEKA Unigy II; 1x Morningstar TS-MPPT-60 w 6x Sharp ND-H235Q2; 1x 200 Watt Harris microhydro
Intertie: 1x SMA WB 3800; 1x Lambda GEN-600 DC Supply; 2x PSL pQube


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