Battery terminal connection maintenance

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Once a year I generally disconnect and clean (with a wire brush) all the terminals and posts on my battery connections. There is never any build up of any kind on them just a slight tarnishing usually.

It may not be needed, but I guess I tend to overthink things sometimes, but I was wondering if there was any recommended protective product to apply to the terminals/posts before tightening them down? Or is it even necessary?
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    Re: Battery terminal connection maintenance

    Vaseline -- petroleum jelly -- is very effective and one container of it should last one a lifetime.

    Coat all exposed metal parts of the terminals, and lugs. Often, no wire brushing is required. If the terminals on the batteries are posts, some wire brushes are so aggressive, that excessive amounts of lead from the posts and terminals can be removed ... have seen posts/terminals that cannot be tightened enough on post type battery connections. Be gentle, do not over-do it. Perhaps the burnishing is not required every year. YMMV, Vic
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