Buying equipment.

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Is wind sun considered the best place buy products? As far as pricing?


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    Re: Buying equipment.

    Well since they are paying for this forum it wouldn't be smart to say otherwise. :D

    In truth the prices are quite competitive and the service top-rated. Very few complaints crop up, and a whole lot of compliments.
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    Re: Buying equipment.

    Wind-Sun (Northern Arizona Wind & Sun or NAWS) is our host... So, we attempt to support them with links to their products when asking questions about specific items and/or making suggestions (manuals, costs, etc.).

    NAWS has (from what I have seen/read) good pricing and good service (I do not buy a lot of solar equipment).

    We try not to make the forum into "...where is the cheapest place to buy xyz" out of respect for our host who founded this forum and pays the bills (and keeps the software running) without charge to us posters (everyone here, moderators, posters, etc. are all volunteers here except for our Admin Rick and a few others from NAWS who may post from time to time).

    We answer questions for all who register and post, and there is no requirement that you buy your hardware from NAWS. We do allow links to other sellers for questions asked (links to products/manuals for discussion) and that move the conversation forward.

    Welcome to the forum!
    -Bill (volunteer moderator)
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    Re: Buying equipment.

    Note that even NAWS suggests you buy batteries locally if possible because the shipping on them is very expensive.

    And none of us moderators work for NAWS. Two of us aren't even in the same country. :D
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    Re: Buying equipment.

    O.K. Thanks! I'll look to them for help and business.
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    Re: Buying equipment.

    I have ordered from NAWS on many occasions and try to always tell them that it is because they support the forum and I am voting with my wallet. They also do a very good job in getting it right and if not the first time make a good effort to do the right thing. A+++ customer service! As a side note, they are quite competitive on pricing, but if it is close, I'll buy from them anyway. There is more to life than the lowest price.

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    Re: Buying equipment.
    brewer wrote: »
    Is wind sun considered the best place buy products? As far as pricing?

    They're pretty good. You can get spot deals better than NAWS on solar, charge controllers and inverters, but overall their prices are very competitive.

    If you have time to wait for deals, then it might make sense to wait and see. If not NAWS is a great option.
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