New Holland diesel generator

I have an 'opportunity' to buy a New Holland 24 KW diesel generator for about $3500 but don't know a thing about them and can't find much on the Internet. Anybody familiar with them or know where they are made? Anybody using one? My use would be for a remote home...air conditioning, etc. Continuous runs of many hours. Thanks.


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    Re: New Holland diesel generator

    Read here for some issues with Chinese Generators (not good)...

    If you wish to obtain more information, then I would try to talk to the distributor in your area/country and make sure that you can get parts and service:
    United States
    Consolidated Diesel Company (Rocky Mount, North Carolina)
    This joint venture company between CNH Global N.V. and Cummins Engine Holding Co. Inc.. Each company holds a 50% equity share in the joint venture company. Consolidate Diesel Company produces off-road diesel engines.

    Kobelco Construction Machinery America LLC (Calhoun, Georgia)
    This joint venture is owned 65% by CNH America LLC and 35% by Kobelco Construction Machinery USA Inc.. Kobelco Construction Machinery America LLC assembles and distributes crawler hydraulic excavators to North America.

    I don't have any experience in this area to speak of... But I would make sure that you can get spare parts and service for anything this expensive.

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    Re: New Holland diesel generator


    New Holland is the old FORD tractor company. They make farm equipment, are still in business  yada, yada yada.

    Try driving out further than RT441 (I have assumed you are in SE Fla) and any New Holland dealer should be able to help. They are the ones with the BLUE tractors.

    Jerry O
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    Re: New Holland diesel generator

    they also makea nice skid steer to. I would look and see if it is a low rpm like 1800 or if it is a high rpm like 3600 i would prefer low rpm it will last longer be quieter etc
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    Re: New Holland diesel generator

    I got back in from my boondocks house-in-the-making and wanted to say thanks for the advice on the New Holland generator. As it turns out, I am gong to pass on this Chinese-made genset. Just wanted to express my gratitude for finding this forum. I will continue my research.
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    Re: New Holland diesel generator

    I had seen an engine produced in India that is a reproduction of one that use to be made here in the US called a Lester. It can run for more than 12 hours on around 3 gallons of fuel. Again reliability issues were a real problem. I am currently building a system that will use as much wasted heat energy from the generator as possible. I am building a heat exchanger that will use the heat from the engine coolant and engine oil to heat the domestic hot water for the home. I have originally planned on using the engine exhaust like system used on large pleasure and fishing boats (see my entry in energy conservation Nov 29 2005). The exhaust temp runs between 800 and 1200 degrees. Polar Power has options for their generator that use this wasted heat energy, Polar Power make systems for the military. Using the engine coolant and oil temp is much safer because the temperature is always between 190 and 220 degrees. If you figure in heat losses you will almost never reach higher than 212 degrees, just in case I have installed an air to air oil cooler radiator with a temperature controlled valve that will allow the oil to pass through the air to air cooler when the oil reaches between 140 and 160 degrees. I will store the heat in a thermal mass tank filled with solder (tin/ lead) so even after the generator has been turned off the stored heat in the 200 to 300 pounds of solder can be removed using a transfer fluid (synthetic hydrualic oil) and keep heating the domestic water tank long after the generator has been turned off. Prototype testing begins soon. Check out Polar Power's web site to see how this has type of heating has been used for years. Good luck with the Perkins engine. arcandspark
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    Re: New Holland diesel generator

    Ok the name was Lister not Lester. Check this site out, 12 hours run time on only 3 gallons producing up to 10,000 watts. 600 to 800 rpm ( Very nice little set up this person has. arcandspark
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