using solar in all electric home.

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I was the first in the area to have solar. One nieber that has an all electric home put a large solar array in. He has 44 270 watt panels with the little inverters on each panel. Told me he turned his electric boiler on the other day and the panels were still generating more than the boiler was using. The same neighbor that put in 4 280 watt panels a couple years ago connected directly to a dc heating element in a 40 gal water heater. He uses the 40 gal tank to preheat the water before it goes into the 80 gal water heater. DC heating element gets the water to about 115 degree f. He left the dc water heating setup in place. Run 2 window air conditioners and has a large amount of kwh,s in his utility bank. After winter is over I might post his results if he gives them to me. He is my barber and everytime I go to the barber shop we update each other how our solar systems are doing. Now everyone calls us the electric co. He is Northh of sheakleyville, I am south of sheakleyville and there is a large solar system of 78 190 watt panels east of sheakleyville. Barber is the north plant , I am the south plant and the friend east of sheakleyvill is the east plant. :Dsolarvic:D


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    Re: using solar in all electric home.

    I guess it is better to be The Electric Company than to be Sesame Street. :-)
    Just wait till you become a Monopoly.
    SMA SB 3000, old BP panels.
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    Re: using solar in all electric home.

    ha the jokes on them as they can rib you guys all they want to as you don't have to pay the bills they do.;)

    what up with the western front? you can surround them and take over the town.:p
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    Re: using solar in all electric home.

    Niel. Still waiting for the west electric co. If you would like to see the electric companys when you are up this way, PM me and I can give you the directions where they are. The east plant belongs to one of my classmates. A retired high school principal. the north plant guy needed a tax break for the big gas llease sign up bonuses. He needed a tax shelter to keep the government from getting half of it. Some people around here are getting about $3500.00 to $4000.00 an acre and 20% royality payments.
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    Re: using solar in all electric home.

    i don't get up that way much anymore since my father in law moved down here. i was up there last month as i still have 2 nieces and a nephew up that way. one of the nieces is going to be down here this weekend.

    i did try to glance around on google earth to see if i could spot any of you guys up there, but no luck.
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