Eclectic D400 Wind Turbine - any experience with them?

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Those cruising with larger sailboats often mount wind turbines on these to cut down on having to use the engine to charge batteries. This crowd sees strong winds, and are quite knowledgeable about the technologies they have on board (the gang crusing across oceans, etc.) I have some connection with this environment, and when I told a friend that I was considering mounting a wind turbine at an isolated mountain cabin, he strongly recommended the D400 from Eclectic. Had never heard about it, but have looked at their web page. A search here didn't turn it up.
Anyone on the forum with any experience with these?

My research has taken me to many different offerings. The turbine I need will be used to supply a charge during winter, when I have ample and almost unobstructed wind at this location.

Link to manufacturer's site:


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    Re: Eclectic D400 Wind Turbine - any experience with them?

    Welcome to the forum.
    No experience with this particular design, but experience with other small turbines on land. Do not expect much usable power from any turbine with a diameter of only 1.1 metre. Generally the advertising hype on these small turbines paint an awesome photo of your energy future if you make the purchase. In reality, generally, they are pretty and can be very relaxing if one lays back in the tall grass and watch the pretty blades spin against a clear blue sky. But providing useable electricity? Not so much. I would however fully expect them to be more useful at sea where wind speed is greater and no trees and buildings disrupting it's flow.
    Others may well have differing opinions.
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    Re: Eclectic D400 Wind Turbine - any experience with them?

    Thanks. I've spent some time lurking, and like the atmosphere here. (As well as the level of insight.)

    Having spent some time researching the topic, and looking into the swept area argument, it's pretty obvious that diameter converts into power. These turbines are made small, in order to be practical on boats and in smaller installations, but at a price in power. However, yachters I have spoken to, as well as some comments on the net, are very positive when it comes to this model. And I have ample wind at my site in the mountains

    I am looking into the large turbine from Otherpower (big backlog of orders, as I understand it. Actually a good sign), as well as the smaller of the Kestrels.

    My cabin is in an open location, facing south, but panels won't provide much in December/January, and I would like to avoid having to run the generator much.
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    Re: Eclectic D400 Wind Turbine - any experience with them?

    The Eclectic (D400) people just sent me a link to the industrial version of the D400, for strong wind locations. Compared to most turbine manufacturers, I like how specific they are in the descriptions of the construction, etc.

    EDIT: But I'm uncertain, because of the 1.1m diameter. Though in that link for the high-wind version, they propose a 0.7m set of blades in case of extremely strong winds. Fortunately not the case where I am.
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