FM 60 goes into snooze mode constantly

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What can cause an FM 60 to constantly go to snooze mode during the middle of the day when the batteries are not charged yet. I just got this email from a freind that is having this problem. Here is a copy and paste:

I still have problems getting the batteries fully charged.In the morning before sunrise they are usually between 24.5 and 24.8.At sunset between 25.2-25.4. According to the link I have a draw of about 80 watts during the night.
The panels are charging great, up to 33 amps in the middle of the day. If they would do that constantly, the batteries could be full in the early afternoon. However, the charge controller Flexmax 60 won't let them, going into the snoozing mode every few minutes. Not so much in the early morning hours and later in the afternoon. It does it when the panels are really starting to charge; then it snoozes more often than not. And when fridge and freezer box are running while the charger is snoozing, most or even more of what has been gained during the morning hours will disappear and the minus on the link goes up again.
I run the generator almost every morning until the minus on the link goes down to 50 or less, hoping the charger will let enough solar through so the link shows a positive in the afternoon and the batteries will absorb and float. They did that every afternoon before I got the fridge without help of the generator.Unfortunately it does not happen very often now.

Not sure what to suggest to her to check on the 60, any suggestions?


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    Re: FM 60 goes into snooze mode constantly

    I posted a similar question about my MX60 over on the MidNite board and got this reply

    If you are seeing "snoozing" on the MX60, that usually means there was too low of output current (set in the advanced menu for around 1 amp or less) and the MX is waiting 5 minutes to wake up again. But if another charger source is providing the Float voltage to the batteries, then you only need that one source to do that. More chargers in Float is just a waste of energy.

    You can try to wake up the MX in the MISC menu and press wake if it still has that feature.

    It may be called RESET
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    Re: FM 60 goes into snooze mode constantly

    snooze means that the voltage and current is at very low light conditions. Is there some shading issues coming into play??
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    Re: FM 60 goes into snooze mode constantly

    You might check the firmware level too for the Outback FMxx controller... If I recall correctly, Outback a few years ago had issues with the controller coming out of sleep at night--May not be related to your problem.

    Obviously, checking the voltage at the PV input and Batt output of the controller with a volt meter would be helpful too.

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    Re: FM 60 goes into snooze mode constantly

    I'll write her and have her check the connections on the pv wires going into the charge controller. Maybe she is having an intermittent break in one of the wires do to a loose connection. Thanks for the suggestions.
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