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I am new to this forum, live at 2700' elevation in Hawaii, high desert. I run two houses on wind and solar, had two air x turbines, burnt on up with 78 mph winds, had voltage set to high. So I replaced it with the latest and greatest, the air 30, did not know the wimpy thing shuts down when wind gust over 30 mph. This is a problem because I have winds over 30 all summer long, I have been told there is nothing I can do to raise the feather speed, is there? I have it hooked up directly to the batteries, 48 volt system, 405 amps, with the stop switch, through a 15 amp curcuit breaker, would it be better to run it through a fuse? Or maybe I can lower it to 10' off the ground, it is 30' now. Or if I turn the max volts up, set at factory specs 54.4 will go to 68.0. By the way the 7 year old air X is still putting out in 40 plus winds. Frustrated


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    Re: New guy that regrets buying an air 30 and not another air x

    probably you will need to turn the voltage regulation dial fully up and get a dump load and dump load controller ,think that prevents the internal controller of the turn off .If that does not work you need to get another wind turbine like an marine think they handle higher winds or you might simply have to look for one that does.
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