XW6048,2 XW-MPPT60,SCP,AGS: Inverter shows batteries full,SCP shows 5/8 charge

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Here is my system:

2) XW-MPPT60
32 Evergreen 210W panels broken into 2 banks of 16 panels.
840Ah Trojan L16

For the past year, I've been using my system as a grid backup and it's worked great. Just added solar panels and yesterday finished hooking them into the system and got the XW-MPPTs turned on. I have the XW-MPPTs set to the default options, but with different device numbers, battery type set, and battery bank size set. I think I would like to use Grid Support mode (maybe, not for sure).

I have two issues. The first issue is when I first looked at the inverter this morning, it showed 5 LEDs meaning the batteries were fully charged, but the SCP Battery Level bar graph showed 5/8 charge. Now, an hour later, the SCP bar graph shows a full charge, even though no charging has gone on this morning.

The second issue is where XW-MPPT60 #1 shows an input of less than 6W, and #2 shows an input of 160W. It's early here in WA state and a cloudy day, so not a lot of power yet. Sometimes, #2 will show a high input number, but #1 will show a low input number. They seem to switch off. Is this normal that the CCs will not show the same input as this is something the system is doing based on power usage? If I take a measurement outside at the Midnite Solar combiner box I find that both banks have the same reading.

Only second day having solar panels, so it's all still new.




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    Re: XW6048,2 XW-MPPT60,SCP,AGS: Inverter shows batteries full,SCP shows 5/8 charge

    The indicator showing battery charge state is very inaccurate. It doesn't show anything remotely ressembling true state of charge (at least on my XW6048). I wouldn't use it at all. Instead look at voltages, loads etc.

    I have a similar setup with 2 SCCs connected to 2 halves of the same array. When there's no shade they're within 100W of each other during the bulk stage. During absorption and float, they don't use all available power, so one of them may dial down while the other keeps closer to full power. As a result, readings may be quite different. If there's a consistent difference between them during bulk and no shade, I would check individual strings/panels to see if they're all working well.
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    Re: XW6048,2 XW-MPPT60,SCP,AGS: Inverter shows batteries full,SCP shows 5/8 charge

    Thanks NorthGuy for the info. You answered my questions. Now I can move on to figuring out how to best set up the inverter.
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