Help on Public perception of Small Wind Turbines

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Dear All,
My name is Calvin, I am a masters degree student in University of Abertay and my dissertation topic is on public perception of small wind turbine.
So I am carrying out an online survey in this regard and I will appreciate if you can spend just 10 minutes (might be lesser depending on individual) of your time to fill out the survey.
Kindly click on the link below

(The survey will only be online for 7 days)
Thank you


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    Re: Help on Public perception of Small Wind Turbines

    Welcome to the forum Calvin.

    I have removed the redundant posts linking to your survey. Please do not spam the forum like that.

    Anyone who wishes to complete the survey and comment on it may do so here in this thread.
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    Re: Help on Public perception of Small Wind Turbines

    question 9 is confusing for no markings are indicated 1-5. there are 6 categories and six circle positions. i looked upon it as those checked to the left are of the least importance and those on the right as the most important.

    i am not familiar with how the uk is handling re, but i answered to the best of my ability.
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    Re: Help on Public perception of Small Wind Turbines

    Some of the questions were made more confusing by inconsistent use of "wind" and "small wind" as if there were no difference. I feel very differently about the two, and am totally discouraged by what I guess I would have to call "very small wind", which I consider to be maybe 3Kw or less.
    The public perception of what is small wind (maybe 1kW and under, and including 50-200W mini-rooftop machines) is very different from the common upper limit of 10kW or 20kW seen on wind energy forums, or the formal definition of some incentive programs of up to 100kW, or even more.
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    Re: Help on Public perception of Small Wind Turbines

    I understand that your degree is probably in sociology, but it would be a good idea to spend some time studying the subject before putting up the survey.

    Also, you need to allow people to have an opinion different of your own. For example, when you ask how the government should help, it is a good idea to allow people to say that the government shouldn't help.
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