Its been awhile ;)

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Its been awhile since I have posted on here and wanted to let you guys know how my solar panels are coming along i have 8 85watt 12v panels now and 10 100 amp hr batteries with a 60amp charge controller and 1500 watt 3000watt max inverter running my little 5400 btu window unit ac that helps my big ac unit cause i have it pointed directly at the (breather i guess you call it) where the air goes in. It runs 12 hrs a day and pulls 600watts according to my kill a watt meter (not all day i have it set to shut off at 72 and my big unit to shut off at 73). I also figured out that my power strip that i had ran off my inverter was killing about 20% of my usage. Once i figured that little bit of info out and ran my cords directly from the inverter i seen a BIG difference in the amount of power i used (ie cheap crap = crap performance). But just wanted you guys to know all is well and running well ty for all the advice you guys have given me in the past and if i have any more questions ill sure be right here to pick you guys brains ;)


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    Re: Its been awhile ;)

    welcome back and as some here would say, it's time to pick a nit.

    and here i thought the idea was to cool the air and not the other air conditioner.:confused:

    btw, if your power strip was consuming 20% of your power then you better thank somebody for your place not burning down.:-)
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    Re: Its been awhile ;)

    lmao yea no joke i could only run my ac a few hrs after dark with the power strip connected now i can run it all 24/7 if the sun is out late and up early ;) but i dont want to kill my bats so i only run it when i have to and keep my energy renewable ;) you really get what you pay for when it comes to wires and power strips or anything else for that matter!
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    Re: Its been awhile ;)

    Seems that power strip would have been hot with that kind of loss. Too much resistance.
    Probably just wasn't designed for the Current / Amps being demanded of it.
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    Re: Its been awhile ;)

    i wouldn't know if it was hot or not it was outside with the panels and everything else only thing running to the house is the 125v line
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