Intronics Charge Controller

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Does Intronics make reliable mppt charge controllers. I have not been able to find any type of reviews on them. For what it's worth....Made in the USA! They are being sold on Ebay.


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    Re: Intronics Charge Controller

    We have a little bit of discussion here about the controller:

    Intronics 75A MPPT Controller

    But no users here (that I remember). It appears that it is good for 12/24 volt battery bank and Voc of 50-65 volts max.

    A big question is what wire gauge for Array Input and Battery Output is it really designed for. Specs are a little thin in some places.

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    Re: Intronics Charge Controller


    The specs are thin. After a quick scan through the linked specs, it appears that;

    Voltage settings may just be High/Low. For the most part, there needs to be VARIABLE settings for voltages.

    EQ voltage is far too low for Flooded batteries.

    Float voltage is far too high for some Flooded batts.

    The Aux output seems to be very limited in function.

    For a 75 Amp CC on a 12/24 V battery, this CC seems amazingly light. Have to wonder about the specs.

    It appears that this controller does have Temp Compensation for charge voltages, but it might well be INSIDE the CC, not a remote sensor to be placed on the battery where it belongs.

    It is difficult to save much money on CCs and wind up with something that will do the job over a wide range of applications. And, getting a CC that has more functions than you need at the beginning may be much more useful to you as your system as your system matures.

    Above just Opinions, and just after a quick read though the "spec sheet". For smaller systems, look at the Rogue CC (a new one is due May 2013, or a bit later). Sometime this year, MidNite should have its "Kid" CC, which should be good for smaller systems.

    For larger systems, the MidNite Classic is the best for most systems IMHO. Good Luck, Vic
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    Re: Intronics Charge Controller

    Thanks Guys.....You both just underlined what I thought might be true.

    Back to the drawing board.....or better yet to the bank account!

    Yes I am on the mailing list to be notified when the new Rogue comes out in May. The new one has been slow in being born.

    Once again Thank-You.

    Best Regards,
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