Disable anti Islanding is a aurora inverter

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Is it possible to disable the anti islanding feature in an aurora PVI 3.6 inverter?

I am off grid and have a kestrel 3000 watt 380vdc wind turbine that I would like to install.

I also have the 380vdc limiter that kestrel sells.

Is this possible? I know that I would have to use up all this power ( water heating)

Would it be possible to trick the aurora into thinking it was grid tied ( Outback Radians as my "grid")

Background on my system:
6kw of phonosolar panels (installed), 12kw still in pallets going up this summer.
Kestreal 3000 watt 380vdc turbine (not installed)
Kestreal 3000 watt 48 vdc turbine (not installed)
2x Kestreal 1000 watt 200 vdc turbine with voltage limiter ( not installed but concrete base and guy points are poured)
2x Outback Radian Inverters
4000 amp hour battery bank @ 48vdc absolyte gx 2000 (installed but not commissioned)
4x classic 250 charge controllers for solar (installed)
3x classic 250 charge controllers for the 200vdc turbines and the 48vdc turbine. (installed)


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    Re: Disable anti Islanding is a aurora inverter

    You would have to talk with the Mfg/distributor... Many (all?) of the GT Inverters do have "back doors" that allow some of the limits to be tweaked.

    On the other hand, if your Outback inverters are working OK (and can tolerate a GT Inverter on their AC output and even recharge the battery bank from excess GT inverter power), then there should not be too much to adjust.

    Of course, you need some sort of Dump/GT shutoff to prevent battery over charging (and you should have two independent means to dump/stop battery charging--I.e., a dump load set at one battery voltage/charge level, and a second voltage controlled relay that cuts the AC power from the GT Inverter).

    In any case, you have a match between the GT Inverter and the Outbacks (i.e., 240 VAC split phase to 240 VAC split phase, or buck transformer, etc.)?

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