ThomasThomas Solar Expert Posts: 291
HiHello I bought a 24 volt stator from Emarine in Fla. I now get up to 16-18 volts simply rectified/diode/battery-dump.
solar at 800 watts 16v.[still need to do better, blew the rectifier like a fuse setting up my dump load- 800watt 1.4 Ohm
3 flat panel solar hot water collectors
10 mini hot water vacuum tubes tubes from clean republic and heat tubes from e-bay[instaed of making my own. still a manifold&rack...
new 1200 watt grid tie working MUCH better than my previous grid tie.
24v batteries
ekm meter
no mishaps yet:p
going but smoothly
Always troubleshoot with adequate sunlight.  Hi Ho Hi Ho
2.3kW [10] Enecsys SMI-240-60 micro inverters


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