Breaker or Fuse?

CrystalCrystal Solar Expert Posts: 121 ✭✭✭
I have a setup using a breaker box that's bonded. Is it all right to have batteries coming into their own breaker to feed the system, or should I have the batteries coming into one of the main bonded posts with a fuse close to the battery?

If I can use the breaker what should it be rated for?
If I should use the fuse what inline fuse would be best and amperage for this battery bank?

I have four 6 volt T105 batteries wired series/parallel.


  • CariboocootCariboocoot Banned Posts: 17,615 ✭✭
    Re: Breaker or Fuse?

    You might just want to put a couple Blue Sea post fuses on the battery posts. Then any wiring after that point is protected.

    Rating would be according to the maximum continuous current expected.
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