solar powered toilet

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Well, I don't know if this is the right place for posting my question. I am not a techie at all. Just wanted to know whether some solar energy kit could be installed in our RV for powering the vacuflush toilet . Any feedbacks of old users are welcome too.


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    Re: solar powered toilet

    welcome to the forum. i moved this to its own thread for you.
    solar in the form of photovoltaics could be utilized to power the vacuum generator. it does state a draw of 6a-8a, but i do not know how long the draw takes place for. once that is known you would need to know how often this is done in the course of a full day to get a good idea on the total amp hours your toilet would need. maybe some of the others could give you a better idea on this aspect from their perspectives.

    the big thing would be in being able to store the power needed once it is determined what the total ah over the day is. you would need to have at least double that in battery capacity for the day to help preserve battery life and if you suspect it needing to extend beyond a day due to weather then add that same capacity for each extra day to the original days needs. once you get this then discussion on a suitable pv system can be addressed and there could be variables to this too depending on how far the needs go, how much room you may have, and of course cost considerations.
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