Series combining 24v and 12v PMA...

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Am running a 24v system mostly solar, but to get any appreciable amperage to flow through the controller from just the turbines. I have series combined 2 PMA's One is a 24volt 3phase and the other a 12volt DC PMA. The DC out from the 3phase is series wired with the 12v PMA. The 24v PMA is rated at 1500watts and the 12v at 600. Can you recommend any other wiring set-up that might perform better for me as I am really disappointed with their performance..???
Thanks from a newbie !!


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    Re: Series combining 24v and 12v PMA...

    If you wish, you can post the brand/model of the turbines... Some will never perform, and the rest would nominally require a 60-90+ foot tall tower to get above the turbulence down low (if this is in the midst of tall trees/buildings/etc... Then you may need to go even higher.

    Do you have any wind numbers (averages, measured values, etc.)?

    It is possible to improve the performance of wind turbines with an MPPT type charge controller--Finds the optimum V*I of the alternator/generator. But, this is not usually a cheap solution (although, it is possible to improve production by 2-3x per Midnite's testing).

    But--if the turbine/blades/winds/tower are not already capable of good production, then adding more hardware is probably not going to help.

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