I need Help building a Solar Hot water system for my Jacuzzi.

Logan5Logan5 Solar Expert Posts: 32
I have concluded that the next easiest load to divert to solar is now the hot water side on my Jacuzzi. I will leave the jet pump and air bubble blower on the Utility for now.
I have recently obtained the copper core from a 10' by 4 foot domestic hot water solar panel. The box it was originally housed in rotted away and the glass is gone. I went to Habitat for Humanity yesterday and found a single pane sliding glass door framed in Aluminum 7' by 4' I plan to cut the copper core down to these dimensions, I will re solder the header with 2 copper elbows and 5X 1/2" copper "T's" and box it in with 2X4's and 3/4" foam board insulation sandwiched between a 1/4 plywood backing. I plan to make all water connections from one end of the panel. I will need technical help and suggestions for pumps and temperature differential controller circuits and such, also how to prevent a siphon effect emptying my panel wile waiting for water to heat. I have not built a solar hot water panel since I was a kid. and I remember gravity being an issue when mounting a hot water panel on a roof, say 10 foot from the ground and 7 foot above the top of the jacuzzi. I would prefer to pump the water with a 12 or 24 volt pump is there a big difference pumping hot water as opposed to cold? also what pipe should I run from the Jacuzzi to the panel and I assume it all needs to be well insulated?

Thanks in advance. Logan,..


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