tilted solar racking cost

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This may be a silly question, but why are tilt kits so expensive? Like $500 +/per.
Most of these look like something I could make, given a little time.

Does anyone have any diy plans for these?
I currently have a flat mount system(unknown manufacturer)...just in case...here is a side (cut) view of the racking, any help id'ing would be great!
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    Re: tilted solar racking cost

    Mine were made from 'Junk' from the scrap yard and welded up at about $.30 per pound. Many have used Unistrut or something similar and it is very adaptable for making mountings. I used a generic version to mount panels to and doubled it up for strength, but the version I used does not have holes in it so it allowed me to run wiring in it while offering some protection from UV issues.
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    Re: tilted solar racking cost

    you could probably use a small piece of aluminum plate of the same thickness and width to extend the rail up for a small distance. the problem may be the bottom end as the widening of the angle from the top will put a strain on the bottom portion and possibly damage the pvs. also the unistrut legs look like they could be compatible to the rails you are using.
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    Re: tilted solar racking cost

    that is an interesting idea to run the wires through the rails or mounts if they are large enough. no doubt once wiles catches wind of this idea that he'll kill it. but then again who knows if palms get greased either. not accusing, just sayin.
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    Re: tilted solar racking cost

    The reason racking kits are so expensive imho, is that there is a fair amount of liability risk involved - what with expensive modules and potential roof leaks and all. As a result, the building departments require engineered, tested, qualified systems which drive the prices way up over what you (with some common sense) can do on your own. My building department nazi's require either manufactured mounts with site specific plans or our custom (stock aluminum angle system) with complete plans ($$$) stamped by a local structural PE.
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