Xantrex MPPT60-150 not sending calibration data

I am maintaining my friend's solar system:
XW6048 on 4x4 12v 250AH batteries
XW4545 in parallel with the above on another 4x4 12v 250AH batteries
2x MPPT60-150, one each on each battery bank

I am trying to re-calibrate all the voltages and current readings on the inverters and the charge controllers using the Xantrex software Caltool. I an see and edit all of the calibration data on all but one of the MPPT60-150s. At first I thought that maybe with all these devices and the Apox USBCAN online that there was data overload or corruption on the buss, but after connecting directly to the problem controller with less items connected I still get all zeros in the calibration data.

Any ideas?


  • Les NagyLes Nagy Solar Expert Posts: 121 ✭✭
    Re: Xantrex MPPT60-150 not sending calibration data

    I think I found a work around, but still don't understand why it is necessary. I thought that I would try resetting the MPPT60-150 to factory defaults. Well yes I was able to see its configuration data again. So I changed its name to the previous name it had MPPT60 Device 02, while the other was set to Device 01, and again the data was all zeros. So I set it to Device 00 and the data was visible again.
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