Midnite Classic data logger

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I've got my classic logging to a local mysql database and also uploading the data to cosm.com (a free data logging and graphing service). It's part of my Island Manager code which includes the sunny island logger, but you can use the files separately to log data just from the classic. Mine data is here: https://cosm.com/feeds/75889
The files you'll need are:

The whole library:

And if you want to log to a local mysqldb, then also:

If you want to log to cosm then you'll need to setup an account and create a feed and 3 datastreams with the same names I used in classiclogger.php.


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    Re: Midnite Classic data logger


    so cool! ...;-)
    very good, I love the cosm ...

    Congratulations, you have your plant controlled globally! ...;-)
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    Re: Midnite Classic data logger

    Hi Spephen,

    WOW, you are making great progress! Thanks for sharing your work. I am just gowing to kick back and have another beer and let you do all the work.

    Thanks, Vic
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    Re: Midnite Classic data logger

    The interface to the classic is progressing nicely, added a new feature where the Raspberry Pi will monitor the actual return amps going into the battery by reading the shunt connected to the Sunny Island, and then it will terminate absorb on the classic based on this value.

    Return amps into the battery have been set at 3.5A.

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    Re: Midnite Classic data logger

    Thanks much for posting this - very nice. I intend to try to get this working here when I get some time.