WARNING - Suntech panels - WARNING

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Posting this here because this subforum gets the most views.

Our recently purchased Suntech 200 watt polycrystalline panels were MISMARKED from the factory. The MC4 cables were marked with red tape on the negative side, not the positive side.

Fortunately we discovered this BEFORE blowing anything up...

We got them from sunelec.com. I called the owner to warn him so he could warn other customers, and so they could possibly fix any remaining panels they have in inventory....

Don't trust the red tape on the panel wiring, check for proper polarity before you finish the final hookup.
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    Re: WARNING - Suntech panels - WARNING

    this is a good reason to be sure one has the proper fuses or circuit breakers in place before putting pvs to task to prevent wires from overheating or pvs igniting roofs and such, but even that would not stop the potential damages to some items downstream on something like a controller as many will not tolerate reversed polarity even briefly.

    this is a good heads-up to watch for as not dealing with that company also is no guarantee that you won't inadvertently buy some used or from another place and not realize these are of the same suspect pvs.
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    Re: WARNING - Suntech panels - WARNING

    I agree with Niel on having all of the protective devices installed and functioning prior to making final connections.
    We're the leads on the panels just mis-marked with "Red" tape r were the MC4 connectors incorrectly installed. They have standard polarity markings on the body of each connector half. "+ = male" and " - = female". If they are incorrectly installed out of the pv junction box, could lead to problems at some point in the future ie connecting to pre-wired junction/combiner box. Something to check and keep in mind. Still should always check as you did for proper polarities.

    Good information to keep everyone aware that manufacturing mistakes can and will happen.
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    Re: WARNING - Suntech panels - WARNING

    No the MC-4 connectors were correct, but the FACTORY INSTALLED RED TAPE was on the negative lead....
    and red tape is to indicate positive, not negative...

    so remember to double check, obviously the (probably Chinese) assemblers lack understanding of what they are doing.
    Magnum4024PAE, 2 Midnite Classic 150s, 3100watts solar, 432ah lifepo4 battery.  Off grid since 2004.
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