Battery bank confused

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Hi ok my setup is 12 volt solar panels with charge controller and 12 volt battery's and a 12 volt wind turbine but i need to change the configuration , i need to use 12 volts still but i also need to use the battery's in a 24 volt configuration , my question is this can i wire the battery bank as a 24 volt system but at the same time charge from my 12 volt panels and wind turbine ?

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  • Windsun
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    Re: Battery bank confused

    Basically, no. You cannot charge a higher voltage from a lower one.

    In theory you could charge half the bank for a while, then the other half, but getting them even would be nearly impossible.
  • Volvo Farmer
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    Re: Battery bank confused

    If you have 12V solar panels in multiples of two, and they are around the same wattage, you could rewire them and charge a 24V battery. However, splitting a 24V battery bank and drawing 12V loads off of half of it is not generally recommended.
  • fix_it_guy
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    Re: Battery bank confused

    Why do you need to change it to 24 volt? If it's working for you as a 12 volt setup why not keep it that way?