Got started on my ac couplong setup.

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I got started on my grid tied ac coupling project. Have a forktruck battery for the offgrid 4024 magnun inverter which will be ac coupled to a fronius 3.8 GTI inverter. Been keeping the battery charged by the grid and it seems everytime the grid goes out the battery is discharged to where it needs a charge. Now everytime I know a storm is coming I run the inverter to where it makes the battery charger come on. Battery doesn,t get exersised enough. My service panel doesn,t have any available spaces for a 2 pole circuit breaker for the GT inverter I am thinking of removing the 240 volt pump from the 2 pole breaker and use that one for the GTI inverter. I have an inused SW-4024 inverter and the 240 volt transformer. I already have the sw 4024 mounted and the cables run to the battery. My battery has terminals that can have 2 sets of terminals connected.
What I propose doing is using the sw inverter only to run the water well pump setting it to search mode. Might also install a couple 120 vac outlets. Won,t use the sw for battery charging as the Magnum is the main inverter and will be responcable for everything else inckuding the battery charging. I think using the Xantrex sw inverter this way will keep the battery exersised enough so it gets charged more often and will be good for any power outages. So far this year I have had 12 power outages and a couple of them lasted over 12 hours. :Dsolarvic:D


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    Re: Got started on my ac couplong setup.

    sounds like a viable plan. don't invite that lawmaker murphy.:p