Tristar MPPT-45 Questions.

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Hey All,
I have a Morningstart Tristar TS-MPPT-45 controller and the TS-2 remote meter.

two Questions:

1. The manual only shows; BULK, FLOAT, etc. yet the display shows MPPT. This is NOT covered in the cheat sheet nor the manual itself. If it says MPPT how do I know what mode the controller is in? I believe I can switch to the diagnostics and view that page.....

2. When I connect MSVIEW and read the settings from the controller, I get ABSORB at 14.00V, however I have the DIP switch settings at 14.7V Absorb (also have custom ones at 14.8...not using them now) The Remote display shows the 14.7 setting...why doesn't it show that after reading the device???

Lastly, what is the deal with those crappy buttons. They wiggle in the cutouts and engage quite sloppily! Membrane switches would even be better!



  • ywhic
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    Re: Tristar MPPT-45 Questions.

    I had the regular TS-45 (PWM) and the display..

    BULK is MPPT usually on most MPPT controllers.. Note on the picture of my Classic 150 below..

    I too didn't like the switches on the TS-45 or the fact I had to go into the diagnostics menu to view the SOLAR voltage in.. I also noted that you have to EXIT that and then go back in to get the updated PV voltage in.. such a PITB..

    I would think the DIP switched that are HARD set are better then the MSVIEW that you see..

    Call Morningstar in PA in the early AM.. the tech guys are pretty nice.. I must have called them like 10 times.. I later got rid of the MS-45 and bought a Midnite Classic 150 MPPT.. I just wanted the IN/OUT on the front screen.. no fumbling.. 8)