I'm new to the forum. 6 215w panels, pole mounting ideas.

Hello, my name is Jason and I am going to be installing stand alone 1260w system for a friend. The BOS has already been
purchased, except the racking system. The site is unlevel and rocky, so its going to have to be single pole. I am contemplating
designing my own and having it welded together professionally. I've been told its better to just bite the bullet and go with pre fab,
but I like a challenge. Any Ideas or input would be great, Thanks Guys!


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    Re: I'm new to the forum. 6 215w panels, pole mounting ideas.


    Here's a fixed angle design I was working on for a smaller setup. A 9" length of 4" Sch 40 pipe is cut at a 45 degree angle (for my location) at the top. A 12" length of 3.5" pipe is inserted 4.5" into the bottom of the 4" cap pipe and welded in place. A 3/16" steel plate that's bent on the edges is welded to the angle of the 4" pipe. Unistrut is bolted to the steel plate for mounting the solar panels. The 3.5" pipe of the mount is then inserted into the top of a 4" post. A hole would also need to be drilled between the cap and pole to prevent the mount from spinning.

    BTW, a 4.5" diameter cap that would fit over the 4" would probably be easier, but my local steel fabricator doesn't have 4.5" pipe.

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