Generator building information, generators, etc...

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I may have missed it, but would it be feasible to have a section for generators? I have some great diagrams for gen sheds that I would like to share. After shopping for a diesel gen, I finally purchased a 10 KW Perkins gen. I have since set up a proper building for it, but found that locating information pertinent to gen stuff was hard to find. Maybe we could set up a compendium of info for people looking for where best to purchase gens, how to build the buildings, fuel storage, etc.? For us northwest types, regardless of how many PV panels we have, a gen is still necessary in the winters...

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    Re: Generator building information, generators, etc...

    Go ahead and start in the Off Grid section of the forum... If we get enough generator postings/activity, then the powers that be may create a forum and move the existing threads there.

    If there are a few soup to nuts threads--I will add them to the Working FAQ too.

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    Re: Generator building information, generators, etc...

    I like the generator discussions for sure. Her at the ranch I run the pump house and house booster pump off a generator that I converted to run propane. I have a 500 gallon propane tank (buried for the swimming pool/hot tub up there) and thought why not :)At the beach house I run a 6000 watt propane gen there also. Love those $100 propane conversion kits. Lets you run Gasoline, Natural Gas or Propane. Run out of one just switch to another power source.
    I highly recommend considering converting a gasoline gen to a propane. Very inexpensive, very easy to do with basic tools, and propane doesn't "go bad" on you :)
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    Re: Generator building information, generators, etc...

    Given the high cost of off grid energy storage vs inclement weather, solar duration depending on areas of the country, balancing storage costs and panel energy supply, I believe reliable back up gensets are absolutely indispensable to support an off grid quality of life.

    In my case, whether it be selecting the right genset for a particular solar application, civil and electrical work to properly install and maintain it, fuel system trade offs, solar warranty and so on all became major factors in building confidence in an off grid environment.

    I know CumminsOnan is really stepping up their product line offerings to include solar applications. They were very interested in my off grid system.

    Good section to add if they guys at W&S agree.
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