series-wired panel question

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what parts do I need to wire 4 pv in series? There will be two strings of 4 panels, and I'd like to know which MC4 connector parts I need to order, to get both strings into a Midnite MNPV2 combiner. Thank You.


  • nielniel Solar Expert Posts: 10,300 ✭✭✭✭
    Re: series-wired panel question

    pvs will connect up in series without anything special as 1 just plugs into the next from the pv's own pigtail. just as with a single pv though you need an mc4 extender cable split in 2 to go to the combiner.

    sometimes with only 2 parallel pvs or 2 parallel strings of pvs, they can be combined with the multibranch mc4 connector you see on that same page in the link. the mc4 extender cable would then need to be connected to the multibranch mc4 connector to make the run back to the controller.
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    Re: series-wired panel question

    thanks neil. the combiner that I am looking at is 1 of the pre wire products, so all I have to do is connect. kewl
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