Charge Controller Without Load Port

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So I just upgraded from a 10amp CC to a Sunforce 30amp Digital CC.

My new CC, unlike my old, does not have a load port; it only has a battery and solar array port.

Is it ok to put my load (inverter) on the same port as my battery?


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    Re: Charge Controller Without Load Port

    It is better to "home run" all your wiring back to the battery bank directly(with one fuse/breaker for each + load that leaves the battery bus). Loads and charging currents can interfere with each other and, in some cases, confuse the charge controller or cause other interference issues.

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    Re: Charge Controller Without Load Port

    Some one will correct me if I am wrong, but you should hook the inverter through the appropriately sized wire and fuse to the battery. Likely that wire will be larger to the inverter than that from the controller to the battery.
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    Re: Charge Controller Without Load Port

    LOAD terminals on those charge controllers that have them are only for low-current (less than the controller's rating) DC loads. Never connect an inverter to them.
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    Re: Charge Controller Without Load Port

    Done :)

    I used a blue sea fuse box I had laying around that I purchase for my boat almost a year ago.

    Thanks for the input guys.
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