Roof colour

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I have always meant to paint the steel roofing on our original house to match the brown enamel roofing of the new addition.

Now I have 5 panels to mount, I wonder if paint is a good idea. Will brown paint raise the underpanel temperature unduly compared with galvanised steel? The panels will have about 4" clearance.



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    Re: Roof colour

    Hi John
    The sunlight won't get at the painted roof under the panels, so won't raise the temperature directly under them. Around them, yes, but natural convection should provide adequate ventilation around the panels. You will still have to expect considerable de-rating of performance with increased heat. I see my ground mounted 2.1kw array vary from 1700watts max (hot July day, 90F) to 2.6kw (cold January day, -20F)

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