Hydrometer hangup

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I was out in my garage taking some SG readings tonight and was getting some weird results. A single cell would have different readings each time I tested it. All cells seemed to be reading rather low. i looked at my hydrometer and saw liquid near the top of the float that seemed to hinder its free movement. I pulled it apart and cleaned it well. Took new readings and all seemed back to normal. After testing three or four cells I saw new droplets near the top of the float that were hindering its movement again. Cleaned it again and all good again. My question is what do you all do to keep this from happening. I dont over fill it and clean it out with distilled water after each use. Any liquid near the top of the float effects its free movement.


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    Re: Hydrometer hangup

    My hydrometer sticks a bit also. As far as I can tell they all do. I'm going to buy a refractometer. --vtMaps
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    Re: Hydrometer hangup

    Likewise mine sometimes sticks, liquid surface tension. Usually not a big problem though.
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    Re: Hydrometer hangup

    Don't over fill th tube. I sent a brand new hydrometer back as being defective,, when it was me that was defective! I filled the tube too much, and the float hit the top of the bulb, giving really hinky endings!

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