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Hello, It's been a while since I've been here. I've gotten distracted and busy with other things in life. I finally got my 2100W Evergreen solar array mounted. I think it was late Fall when I finally did it. I'm glad that I did. It's been working very well. I recorded some of my experiences here: http://www.rc-trucks.org/home-solar-panels.htm to share with others. Not a lot of details, but just sort of a general overview of my experience that I thought might be helpful for a beginner looking into the idea of setting up solar panels at their home. I'm glad that I did it. It complements my wind power very well. I would recommend solar over wind for most people, now that I've had both operating for a while.


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    Re: Home Solar Panels

    boy, do you have room for expansion.:D

    i like the look on your little girl's face while sitting as it says loads.

    i always agreed solar and wind was a good theoretical combo, but there were obvious problems with getting good turbines. i thought you were using a classic at your place for wind? or am i off my rocker? never mind the 2nd question as it's not dependent on the 1st one. update as i saw in another post i was remembering right even though i'm still off my rocker.
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    Re: Home Solar Panels

    Hi Neil,

    I sure do have plenty of room for expansion! If only my pocketbook was as big as my shop roof, I'd really be making some serious power!

    I really like the Classic that controls my wind turbine, but I already bought a TriStar TS-MPPT-45 before the Classic was even released. Once again, if my pocket book was bigger, then I'd have probably gotten a Classic anyway. Since I was low on cash at the time and I already had the TriStar sitting around here, I just installed the Tri-Star. I figured if I ever added some more panels, that I'd just configure my panels to a higher voltage (to be able to keep my existing wiring) and run with a Classic 200 or 250. For now, with only 2.1kW of panels, the TriStar has been working very well. I do like the Classics. Midnite is a first class company!
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    Re: Home Solar Panels

    Love the photos !

    Thanks !
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