Elliott Bayly

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For all the old timers out there, we have lost a small wind pioneer and innovator, Elliott Bayly. He started Whirlwind Power Co. back in the 1980's, then went on to design the Whisper series under the World Power name, which he sold to SouthWest Windpower. His latest venture was Ventera Wind, a 10KW downwind machine with feathering blade tips. He made many innovative contributions to small wind power and will be missed by many.


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    Re: Elliott Bayly

    Sorry to hear when any of the "old school" of designers/inventors leaves our world. It takes a lot of these "little" guys willing to try against all odds.

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    Re: Elliott Bayly

    Elliot was a very nice person. I me him a few times at MREF in WI. I thought for sure we hadn't seen the last of him.
    This is sad. Elliot was still fairly young.
    Thank you for the information.
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    Re: Elliott Bayly

    hopefully his spirit will live on in the future pioneers of wind.
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    Thanks! Elliott, we learn a lot with you about Wind. All the best from the Solar Peoples from Portugal!!
    All the Team from FFSOLAR
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