Fronius Software Learning Curve PAIN!

WOW I never thought I would have such a challenge figuring out a new software package but the solar.access software is tearing me up! I installed it 3 times before I could even find any evidence of it on my computer. Now I struggle to even find any help on how to start accessing my Fronius 3000 IG. But I will not be deterred...


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    Re: Fronius Software Learning Curve

    Well I got over the first speed bump and "created" a new solar system in the solar access software. So far I can tell that it can see the datalogger but there is no evidence that the datalogger sees the inverter. Attempting to "download" data results in "download failed" error. I've been hacking away but still unable to see the inverter. Maybe I need updated drivers. It appears that to update the drivers I need to have a telephone modem but am still wandering through the dark with earplugs firmly installed wondering what could I be missing. Might have to call the manufacturer to have them hold my hand. Full speed ahead no regrets!!!
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    Re: Fronius Software Learning Curve PAIN!

    Solar.Access setup is pretty straightforward. Just make sure the status LED for the ✔ on the datalogger is green and the X LED should be off and not red. If you have a condition other than that, make sure that you have the two termination plugs (RJ-45 jack with pigtail) that came with the datalogger in the unused IN/OUT terminals (one in the com card and one in the datalogger). Also, check your CAT 5 cables...reseat or replace.

    Other than that, just make sure that when you created a PV system that you entered a value for all fields. When all is right, values should show in the Real Time view, and downloads should complete. Another helpful thing to get around the software better is the HELP menu at the upper left....has details about all parts of the software.
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    Re: Fronius Software Learning Curve PAIN!

    Thank you beau- Thank you for your suggestions and especially for pointing out that HELP menu button
    :blush:I hadn't noticed the help menu button before you mentioned it. :blush:
    But now it is full speed ahead. I still am not sure if I'll ever get the last 7 months of stored data but will keep investigating. The inverter definitely knows how much power it has generated and put on the grid even if all those high energy electrons weren't "authorized". I hope the software will let me see the MPPT DC Voltage and Ampere history to help me diagnose apparent "MPPT hunting" power losses associated with low end DC voltage and high AC grid voltages.
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    Re: Fronius Software Learning Curve PAIN!

    I'm working on downloading the data for my highest PV power output day in all time to EXCEL and noticed that the format of the time stamp in the output file is particularly difficult to work with. Time is challenging to work with in excel anyway but Certainly I can't be the first person in the last 5 years to want to plot my own power Fronius inverter output data in excel and having to convert the YYYY-mm-dd hh:mm into some format where I can plot power versus time. I tried using the right("text",num digits) to strip the time off the right side but no good. Tried to convert the into text but excel turns it into a really big strange looking number. Are there any other struggling users that have had this problem?
    Thanks, Macaw
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