New but excited

I apologize if this question has been ask before, but I am on my way out the door to go see my mom in the hospital. I have 1200 dollars to spend give or take 200. I want to buy a complete solar kit that comes with everything I need to power a few things and I have no clue what to buy or even if what I want is possible.

I want to purchase a kit that will be able to power 1 or 2 32 inch lcd t.v's, 1 laptop, one desktop computer, three overhead room lights, and possibly a washing machine. I would like to be able of course to run these during the day all at the same time if possible and if not all at the same time, as many as possible. I really don't know if i need or want the kit to tie in with my existing electricity? My first thought is to have it completely separate, unless if it is less expensive to tie it in.

Can someone give me a link to something close to what I am wanting, and explain the basics about the panels, inverters, deep cycle batteries? . I may not even be close at all with the money i have to spend, so if not can someone please give me any kind of info about what I can get for the 1200 dollars. I just want to be able to run as much stuff as possible with the money I have to spend and be able to get everything i need all at the same time.

Thank you and please drive thru.


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    Re: New but excited

    Welcome to the Form "douga". Now, Slow Down!
    First, we are sorry that your mother is in the hospital.
    Second, take some time and learn about solar systems etc before you make any decisions.
    As things are right now, the direction you're heading, you're leaving yourself wide open to the first scam artist that comes along and the terrible disappointment that will result.
    You can learn a lot about systems like you're looking for by taking the time to study the many topics on this form, which by the way, is one of the very best of it's kind in the world. You will get the truth here, although it may not always be what you want to hear.
    Your $1200 would only be a good down payment on the batteries needed for the system you desire, so take some time and rethink your needs before you go any further.
    I'm glad for you that you came to this form first, and we all wish you the very best as your project progresses.
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    Re: New but excited

    Douga your $1200 wont do anything like you want to do,,

    Your bes uset of the 1200is to look at everything that uses electricity in your house, Replace any"ordinary" incandesant bulbs with CFLs, replace any MR16 helogen downlights especially if they are the 50w electricity wasters. replace with LED MR16s. replace your plasma /lcd TV with a LED one.

    If you are in a warm to hot region of your country most of the year go for solar hot water system, big savings can be made here.

    Totally forget about going off grid to try and save money. It definately wont save you money, but it will increase your yearly electricity costs by about a factor of 5.
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