Buy back price?

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I have a new grid-tie system in Tempe, AZ. If I produce more power than I consume in a month, the local power company, SRP, will carry forward the excess to the next month, except in April. In April they convert the excess to money and pay me (or apply it to future bills). This is obviously to their benefit, since April has the best combination of long days with moderate temperatures, but that's OK.

SRP states that they "...will credit the net kWh from the customer at an average annual market price." The "average annual market price" is determined by "Daily Firm On-Peak Price at Palo Verde published by Dow Jones". I cannot find this price anywhere. Dow Jones publishes some information about this index, but I can't find any numbers.

Is there anyone with experience with SRP who can tell me how much this is? SRP's winter rate is $0.078/kWh. Is the "average annual market price" much below that?


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    Re: Buy back price?

    Since I know nothing of this, I feel qualified to answer;

    Have you tried asking this of your utility? They should know what it was for the last period, 4/11. It might be difficult to reach the correct person.

    Have you poked around the utility's web site?

    Good luck with your new system. Vic
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    Re: Buy back price?

    You probably not going to like it, the Palo Verde price is like $0.025. Try a PM to JBurgess, he is on SRP and he may have the exact place to look.

    OOPS look at this
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    Re: Buy back price?

    That's much better than my utility, they will not carry any forward. It's adjusted every month + or -.
    I pay an average of .18 per KWH and they will buy any excess back at .03.
    Needless to say I'm not going to add to my system to sell them any KWHs.
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    Re: Buy back price?

    In Dallas here, TXU pays me 7.5 ¢/kWh for everything that I export to the grid, on an instantaneous (minute-by-minute) basis. Very simple. I receive payment quarterly, via a check written to me through the mail.

    As an example, for 2011, my 8.1 KW (DC) grid-tie batteryless system produced 10,249 kWh. Of this, I was only able to actually use 7990 kWh (78%). For the remainder that I couldn't use, that I exported to the grid, 2259 kWh (22%), I was paid $169 (7.5 ¢/kWh) via 4 quarterly checks through the mail.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Buy back price?

    I'm in Southern AZ and my power company does something similar. They do give you a choice of "settle up" month, either March or September, I chose September.

    My provider is a power Co-op so they pay for any excess at their "avoided cost" which is how much they pay for the power, right now that is about $0.034 per kwh. I sold back almost 2 MWhs last September, so I got a check for about $68. Better than a sharp stick in the eye.
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    Re: Buy back price?

    Last year the SRP buyback price was $0.0353.
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