Check my setup - 48v system in Belize

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So I'm getting closer to building my home in Belize and tailoring a system to suit. I'm about a half mile off the grid with a connection costs at about US$90k - I'll shell out the $ for a PV system. Big loads are refrigerator, freezer, A/C and various electronics required for work. Total daily usage is 7.4 kwh. I know it's alot... I'll suck it up and pay the upfront cost, then work in conservation to allow for load growth.

So tell me if this is correct. 7.4kwh is 155ah of daily use at 48v. Assuming 2 days backup before 50%, I'd need 621ah of battery capacity. I'm looking at a forktruck battery (24-85-13) with 804 ah capacity at 20hr. With that size, a 10% charge rate gives me 80.4ah (3,859 watts at 48v).

Double checking my numbers, with the "*4/2" rule of thumb, I end up with about 7,718 usable watts of output per day. -- Does this make good sense?

I'm leaning toward an Outback Flexpower 2 setup with about a 7k diesel generator integrated.

Thoughts? Thanks!


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    Re: Check my setup - 48v system in Belize

    Your initial calculations all look to me to be close enough to work.
    Time to start picking components, examining the layout, and testing the fine details like V-drop, insolation, and temperature effect. :D
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    Re: Check my setup - 48v system in Belize

    My experience off grid.

    I'd go bigger on the genset. Difference in price amortized over say 15 years would be negligible for certain future needs.
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