Newbie needs help with designing off-grid system



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    Re: Newbie needs help with designing off-grid system

    Bill: Thanks - I typed a long response but I must have timed out or something and it went bye bye!

    I really have no need for 240v other than the multi-wire curcuits that I have. I will have to look at ways to pull some extra neutrals through my conduits to resolve that concern. I think I only really need a 2000-2500 inverter for what I feel my max surge load of 1500 watts might be. Daily WH use is estimated at 800-1500wh. We typically only are at the cabin for a week then gone 3-4 weeks and back again during the summer months of June thru October. Winter use is minimal with only February, April, and May for about 1 week each of those months. I know I can run my eu2000 much cheaper while we are there during the night time - but I was looking to make it easier for my wife and grand kids (ages 9 and 6) when they are up with us. As far as a battery system I could go either way with 12v or 24 v - but wanted to minimize the battery wiring to inverter. I really like the pre-wired setup that MidNite has with the Magnum inverter or Magnum has with their pre-wired setups. I don't know if they have something for the smaller inverters similar to those pre-wired units for the MS4024/4448. I still have 6 - 205w 24v Evergreen panel that I can use or not use them all. My array has to go on a pole top mount due to snow levels during the winter. My metal cabin roof is a 12/12 pitch and the peak is 30 feet off the ground. Lots of trees around the cabin s0 sun and shading concerns. My only area is at the s/e corner of my lot. There is lots of sun exposure there - but 80 feet from there to the cabin. Potential shading problem with one bigt tree that my neighbor has but that would be early to mid afternoon concern (I think). Other than that any thooughts?

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    Re: Newbie needs help with designing off-grid system


    Still doesn't mean I will understand it ,, any better!

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    Re: Newbie needs help with designing off-grid system

    My android phone and browser has issues. Short term, turn off WYSIWYG editing (the A/A button on the top left).

    It sort of works then.

    If you are using a tablet computer, it may work for you too. My phone has only a soft keyboard and it would not work with the fancy editor and new forum software.

    Windsun says there are supposed to be some fixes from VBB in the next month to fix.

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    Re: Newbie needs help with designing off-grid system

    Just another idea here, maybe not practical for a small cabin though. If you put your batteries, controller and inverter in a small shed out by the panels, your DC wire loss becomes insignificant. You can then run 120Vac from the shed into the service panel on the cabin.
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