Thermal electric generators

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Anybody played with these things yet?


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    Re: Thermal electric generators

    There are a number of threads if you do a search.

    I tried to build a TED powered fan remote from the stove years ago. I was able to power a computer fan,, only by putting the hot side on the stove, and ice on the cold side! Not a terribly practical alternative.

    I currently have a variety of wood stove fans that are powered by TEDs.

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    Re: Thermal electric generators

    Don't throw out your Ecofans when the thermoelectric modules quit (mine always do eventually). I had one dead and one failing (had to start with a finger push even when the stove was really hot). Instead of trashing them I cut the motor leads, tried them with a AA battery, they both worked, then wired a multi voltage wall wart to run them at 1.5vdc. Works fine.

    Even for your parsimonious use of power on the island it's a tiny load. My Killa watt meter wouldn't even register in the watt mode, only in the amp mode (3va). I couldn't bring myself to throw out two $90 gizmos without trying to save them.

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    Re: Thermal electric generators

    Some one on e gave me a out 50 teds, so I keep my three fans running by replacing the teds. I am about due for a few more new ones though,

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    Re: Thermal electric generators

    i thought about doing that years ago, but you need quite the temp differential to make any real power and given their costs i gave up on even trying it.
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