Why is my flexmax 80 sleeping

Hi there,
I have 5 CSI 220-24volt panels and 2 Sharp 220-24volts - all parallel to the combiner.
Just started up the Flexmax 80 and FXinverter. Charge controller shows it's sleeping still - it's bright and sunny here. WTF?
Should I have wired this array differently. Need some advice, there aren't any people around this area to ask for help. On my own.


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    Re: Why is my flexmax 80 sleeping

    What is the voltage of your battery bank and the exact Vmp of your panels?

    If you have 24 volt battery bank and a "Vmp=~24 volts", the array voltage is too low... The Vmp-array should be >~35 volts for a 24 volt battery bank.

    If you have a 12 volt battery bank, I am not sure what is going on.

    Have you checked the panel input and battery output of your Outback charge controller with known good volt meter?

    Also, a suggestion for an additional tool for later debugging/monitoring is a DC Current Clamp Meter (here is an inexpensive one that is "good enough" for debugging).

    Has this ever worked, or is this your first try?

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