HUP solar one vs crown vs GB

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I'm looking fairly closely at the HUP solar one. It seems to have nice specs, but the overall thing that I'm hearing is that all three of these could go 20 yrs. However, the HUP price seems much higher than the other two. But one thing the HUP does offer is the ability to remove each 2v cell and make it easier to install. Is it possible to remove cells from the crown and GB industrial batteries too? In pictures I've seen the batteries look like each cell is permanently connected to it's neighbor.


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    Re: HUP solar one vs crown vs GB

    I just bought a Crown and the battery connections are all hard connected together. The batteryman at crown said if I get a bad cell that they can unconnect it and weld another one in its place. I had them take off the anderson connectors and weld on terminals that I could connect regular inverter cables too. They just melt the lead with a burnz a matic propane torch. Kind of nice if you can pick it up at distributors as they can show you different terminals to pick from. solarvic:D
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