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I installed a Power Battery - EZ Solar System a few years back. Well one battery has gone dead and I need to replace it. It appears Power Battery has gone out of business. I need to find another battery with the same form factor as the
PSG -12255 21"L x9"W x 10" H.

Any Suggestions?



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    Re: Battery Help

    It appears that this is a:
    Power Battery guarantees to the original end user that VRLA batteries with Advanced Gel technology

    So--you are between a rock and a hard place... Replace with another GEL cell, or look at replacing with something else (AGM?) or replacing the whole bank.

    How many batteries do you have? series/parallel configuration? etc...

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    Re: Battery Help

    Interesting. Power Battery is where I got my L16's about 10 years ago.
    Phillip, what do you have for solar panels?
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    Battery Help

    Battery dimensions are for a group 8D.
    very common marine and heavy equipment battery.
    Crown, Rolls,EXIDE, and US Battery all have a deep cycle version of the 8D.
    Describe the rest of your system, and I am sure others will make recommendations.
    Can you use Flooded batteries? They are about half the price, and will certainly last longer, given regular maintenance.