Off Grid & Having Problems...



  • n3qikn3qik Solar Expert Posts: 741 ✭✭
    Re: Off Grid & Having Problems...

    Something els to look at. With 8 panels in parallel, there should be 8 fuse at the combiner box. Have you checked these???

    I would then, also check the short circuit current of each panel. To do this, you will need that current meter BB linked to.
  • FullpowerFullpower Solar Expert Posts: 69 ✭✭
    Re: Off Grid & Having Problems...

    Trying to push 40 Amps through 160 feet of 8 gauge is a lot like filling a swimming pool with a garden hose.
    Either RE- wire the panels in series strings, AND/Or upgrade the cable.
    If you HAVE to run the panels all in parallel, you will need at least 2 gauge wire.
    ( I use 2 gauge welding lead for my 8 x 220 watt array, 65 foot distance x 2 conductors = 130 feet of 2 gauge.. mine run at 104 volts Open, 80 volts loaded. )
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