changing power , do i need 1-O-2 switch

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Hi all

i have 2 power, one is offgrif and one regualr, i want to transfer the power from the regular side to the offgrif side and i understand that i can use 1-O-2 but i think i dont allow to share the neutral wire from both system
so i need a 1-O-2 that also cut the neutral wire and switch it also?
where can i find something like that



  • FullpowerFullpower Solar Expert Posts: 69 ✭✭
    changing power , do i need 1-O-2 switch

    The simplest method is to use the transfer relay built in to most Power Inverters,
    My Inverters all have an AC input for utility power, A DC input for Battery power, and then the AC OUTput to the load panel.
    Alternately, you can use a DPDT power relay, or a manual transfer switch, like THIS:
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    Re: changing power , do i need 1-O-2 switch

    You are proposing using an AC transfer switch to change some loads between utility power and inverter power (as would be the case for emergency back-up for instance). The unit Fullpower linked to is a good choice for this.

    What you have to watch out for is not the neutral lines, but the neutral-ground bond which will exist somewhere in the system. Two things to be sure of there: A). that there is only one such connection in the whole system; B). that there is no such connection present anywhere in the wiring if connected to an MSW type inverter. A true sine inverter will not be a problem.

    Also as Fullpower mentioned, if you're using a large inverter/charger unit they have automatic transfer switches built-in: if they detect AC IN is "live" they will switch their output loads to that and begin charging the batteries from the AC source.
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