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what size generator would you use to pump submers. at 100 ft to fill a stock tank 200ga.
AC...and what models do you like???


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    Re: generator pump

    How fast do you expect to fill the 200 gallon tank?

    If you fill it in 2 minutes, then the generator may not run long enough to properly warm up.

    If you fill it in 30 minutes, you may not want to wait that long for it to finish.

    Is there a pump already in place (size, power ratings, etc.)?

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  • ws9876ws9876 Solar Expert Posts: 407 ✭✭✭
    Re: generator pump

    standard Franklin 240v 10 amps m/l would only fill about 50 ga at a time once a day
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    Re: generator pump

    You will definitely need specific information on the pump in order to size the generator properly.
    For example, a 100 ft. well might be serviced by a 1/2 HP 240 VAC pump. Typically such pump could mange 10 gallons per minute and thus could fill a 200 gallon tank from empty in 20 minutes +/-.
    The power draw, however, is not as easily predicted. It's likely to draw over 1 kW running, with a start-up surge around 3X that. But without actual pump data, we'd all just be guessing.
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    Re: generator pump

    I use a 3500w 240v generator on my 3/4HP pump at 200 ft, gives me about 8 gal. per minute. (Stayrite with Franklin motor). Draws 8.0 amps running.
    I think a 5KW would probably be easier on the generator on startup the 3.5KW really struggles on the startup.
    This setup is used for emergencies only.
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