Question about breaker panels....

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I just recently purchased an Outback 2524 inverter and was planning on having the inverter in one room and a sub panel next to and tied into the main house panel in another to supply power to specific breakers...... My question is is this possible... I have seen generator panels that would do the trick but they are 3 pole.... the inverter has a dual output.... a hot and a neutral.....Is there a panel that is 2 pole.....


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    Re: Question about breaker panels....

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    Outback's Flexware system includes an AC box which can do this: But it is a tad pricey and requires a lot of end-user assembly.

    It doesn't really matter; you can use a standard sub-panel and wire both poles to L1 (AC hot) so long as the current capacity for the system isn't exceeded.
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