Deka Batteries 8L16

I need batteries. The Deka 8L16 is available locally for $235.00 with exchange. If I choose another brand I have to ship them and the price goes up.

Has anyone used this battery?



  • jeffkruse
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    Re: Deka Batteries 8L16

    I think these are the batteries I have. I have used them for two years. I had a learning curve. I learned to up the absorb voltage and max out the absorb time when off grid.
    If discharging 15% or less every night then the absorb voltage and time can come down. I "set" my XW to 58.8 and 180 minutes in this case. Otherwise I set for almost 60V and max absorb time.

    This is with 2050W of pannels and it is always 90 degrees with afternoon clouds.
  • ajbelcher
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    Re: Deka Batteries 8L16

    The exchange price is usually less what they can sell as scrap sometimes you can do better scrapping yourself and paying full price. Where are you located I may have some telcom batteries available in your area