Honda EU6500 AGS

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I am running a Magnum MS4448AE inverter and would like to add the ME-AGS controller to start my Honda EU6500is. Is this possible and has it been done? Option B would to buy either a corded or wireless auto start kit. As far as option B is concerned, any recommendations for an auto start kit? I believe there may be several after market ones available besides Honda's. Thanks for the help.


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    Re: Honda EU6500 AGS

    In theory it is possible as the EU6500 offers a remote start kit. You'd have to compare the Magnum AGS wiring diagram with the Honda's to see what is necessary to interface the two.

    I've not done it myself, but it seems there was a question like this recently regarding what the different wire colours on the remote start hook-up were for. If all else fails (i.e. search for accurate diagrams) you can check the wiring with a multimeter against the gen function.

    In generalized terms, there will be a make/break connection for activating & deactivating the ignition (some energize, some ground out) and another for activating the starter, which must disconnect upon start. The choke should be automatic (pretty sure it is on that model).

    Of course none of it works when the thing is out of gas 'cause someone forgot to refuel it. :p
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