Solar Powered PsOne

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Hey guys, first post on this forum.

I am trying to build a PsOne powered by a solar panel. The PsOne consumes 7.5 Volts and allows up to 12v with its onboard circuitry. The panel that is currently being built is a 25v panel @ 1.2 amps. (Can be changed if need be)

I watched this video, and had planned to use this idea for my own.

In the video, he is using a 6 watt panel with alligator clips out of his panel. he then uses a cigarette socket which allows him to plug in his usb iphone car charger to charge his iphone.

I want to be able to power my iphone via car charger as well in addition to accommodating the PsOne and I am wondering why there wasn't any voltage regulation needed at all?

How would I go about powering my PsOne without irreparably destroying it in the process? Thanks guys!

After a bit of research and some help, I think I can use a Zener 10W 12v diode as protection?

I am not sure if it will work so any help would be greatly appreciated.

The idea is (Solar panel -> Car Socket adapter -> PsOne car adapter ->PsOne)


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    Re: Solar Powered PsOne

    You know what the problem with powering things directly from solar panels is? The panel Voltage and current goes up and down with the amount of sun it's exposed to. Can your PsOne handle that?
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    Re: Solar Powered PsOne

    My reasoning would be that with 25v panel powering a 7.5v device would be able to handle the voltage drop and still successfully power the psOne no problem.

    Though, how should I properly incorporate the zener diode into the solar panel circuitry?
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