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    Re: New system thoughts
    I would love to read a review from someone who has that model. I know it uses the same chassis and insulation as the DC Series. So after the sun goes down, it's really counting on a cold sink and insulation to get it through the night. And if the next day is overcast? And the next? Again it would be nice to hear from someone who owns one.

    It claims four days holdover. But ...
    I suppose you could use a battery for DC back-up on that, although there might be a need for some regulation to keep it from just powering until the battery went dead. Could be tricky, that.
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    Re: New system thoughts
    It claims four days holdover.

    Not with the temps in *my* garage!
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    Re: New system thoughts

    Simpler and less expensive to just buy a generator. I have a 5000W for the house and a 2400W for the teardrop trailer when shaded or we want AC. In a pinch the solar panel on the trailer can be used for supplying buggout use in deep power failure.
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